Reserved Cruise
Reservation. TEL :045-290-8377, FAX:045-290-7838, Reception Hours: Weekday 10:00–18:00

Terms of Use

1. Final confirmation of number of people

Please contact us for the number of people scheduled for 3 days in advance (excluding weekends) on the day of cruise.
After that, we will charge the final reserved number of people even if the number of people decreases.

2. Arrangement for decoration, entertainment etc.

Regarding decorations related to cruising, music, entertainment, banquet companion, etc., we will arrange to designated contractor from our company. Please contact us in advance when you ask other suppliers in order to smoothly operate cruises.

3. Requests for suppliers that you directly arranged

Regarding the loading / unloading and place of installation of equipment and materials such as decoration, entertainment etc. of the enterprise which the customer directly requested under our company consent, we will guide the suppliers in order to carry out under our company's certain rules.

4. Bringing things to ship

In principal, bringing in food and drinks is not allowed.
Please consult the person in charge when you have compelling reason.

5. Damages

Please be careful not to damage the marina and the facilities of the pier, the hull of the ships and fixtures etc. If damages occurred to facilities, fixtures and fittings, etc., we will instruct you on the repair, so please be sure to repair promptly or compensate for the damages accordingly.

6. Prohibited items

For the items listed below are prohibited.
  • Acts against laws or public order and morals
  • Bringing in dogs, cats, small birds, other pet animals, and livestock etc. without our permission.
  • Bringing in fire or flammable items
  • Bringing in of malodorous ones
  • Behavior that disturbs other customers
  • Smoking outside of the designated places
  • Move attached items
  • Use other than purpose of use
  • Acts prohibited by other laws and regulations

7. Notes

If you have any of the following persons on board, your use will be prohibited.
  • Organized crime groups or others related to antisocial forces
  • Corporations in which organized crime groups dominate their business activities, or other related people
  • Those who have had diseases such as infectious diseases that are likely to spread disease

8. Cancellation

In case that we judge customers using cruiser are liable to conduct acts against laws or public order and morals or to cause other customers inconvenience, or violate this "Terms of Use", we refuse their application. Even if the customers have already contracted, we cancel it.

9. Refund and cancellation fee

If we cancel the cruise due to strong wind and other reasons, we will refund the amount minus the administrative fee of 2,000 yen.
(It is also possible to transfer on another date)
In case of cancellation by customer's convenience after official reservation, we will charge administrative fee of 2,000 yen or the following amount.
14 days before boarding date- 10% 7 days before boarding date -20%
3 days before boarding date - 50% the day before boarding date 100%