Reserved Cruise
Reservation. TEL :045-290-8377, FAX:045-290-7838, Reception Hours: Weekday 10:00–18:00

Shooting photos and films on a board

Cruiser boat charter for shooting photographs and films, marine research, and inspection

Reserved Cruise can respond flexibly to movies, drama, PV and still shooting including marina facilities.
We take advantage of experience of cruiser operation over many years and taking advantage of know-how cultivated through the operation of marina, will provide cruiser charter on business etc.

Centering on stylish own boats, we also fully utilize our own tankers and cargo ship in large vessels and totally support shooting on and under the water at sea, river, lake, pond and pool according to customer's request. Upon shooting, thorough safety control will be carried out and shooting will proceed smoothly.
We will cooperate with various scenes using vessels such as photographing, TV commercial, advertisement, movies, PV, still, and coordinating marine events etc.

Cruiser / Pleasure boat arrangement

Our own luxury ships are available for cruisers, pleasure boats, and yachts. In addition, we will offer vessels that respond to various requests by utilizing our network. Running jet-ski under the sun, marine play scene, action scene that runs on a power boat, etc., we will coordinate various shooting.

Merchant ship / tanker arrangement

Our group companies are engaged in domestic and ocean shipping operations.
We will prepare a large ship for large scale shooting such as movies and commercials.
Schedule adjustment is important for merchant ships, but we will respond to your request based on our experience.
We will maximize the know-how of well-established maritime transportation and make it available to customers in the field of photography business.

Example of shooting

Filming, CM · CF, TV drama, TV program, promotion video, shooting photography from the sea, image photography for magazines, product shooting on a ship, pre-shoot of wedding and image photography, etc.

Shooting flow

  1. Please send an email to or call us at 045-290-8733
  2. Coordinator will listen to the contents of your plan and discuss the shooting date and the boat to use.
  3. Submit your planning paper.
  4. Please pre-check whether the boat actually proposed meets your plan.Our boats are anchored at KMC Yokohama Marina
    Address: 2-19 Daikokucho, Tsurumi,
    Phone: 045-504-1094
  5. We will submit an estimate as soon as the plan is completed.
    Various arrangements such as pier use, negotiation, substitute application for photographing permission when necessary, etc., will be proceeded accordingly.
  6. On the day of shooting, after adjustment for weather etc., ship operation for shooting will be carried out.